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An educational game that celebrates the diversity of families today!

A reinvented game of 7 families that invites children to discover and identify with different characters as well as several family models to build a better perception of themselves and the world around them!

- 4 levels of difficulty: within the reach of the little ones up to the option "FAM • LY reconstituted" for experts!

- 7 FAM • LY Illustrated by 4 artists: André Martel, Ankhone, Claude Thivierge and Julie L'Ecuyer

- Encourages openness and empathy

- Invites discussion on diversity

- Allows children to grow up more open, more confident and more respectful of difference!


- 42 FAM • LY cards

- 6 cards to personalize

- 3 "Memo" cards

- 6 Rules of the game cards (French, English and Spanish)

 Goal of the game: Reunite as many families as possible!

A family is complete when a player owns all 6 FAM • LY members.

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