Notre histoire

Our company was born at the same time as our children in 2014. Basically, we wanted to make accessories for our babies. We showed our creations to friends who pushed us to market everything. Our humble beginnings as neophyte seamstresses with residential (basic) sewing machines on our respective dining tables did not reveal the bright future that JoKa Bébé would have. Then it was in the basement at Karyne's place after she closed her daycare in January 2017 and since September 2018 we have been established, still in Ste-Sophie, at our current workshop-boutique.

Biography Joëlle

My name is Joëlle, JoKa's Jo and I am in my early thirties. Many people are trying to understand how far I have come to have a workshop / shop of ecological products made on site and yet, I do not regret any of the experience gained in the past. I have a DEC in Arts and Letters option Languages ​​which allowed me to learn not only Spanish, but also Mandarin. During all of my studies, I have always worked in catering, which has given me experience in customer service. Every time I smile at you, thank Cora for lunch hihi. After my DEC, I went to Quebec to do a (almost) BAC in Literary Studies. I have always loved reading and writing deeply, I find you travel through words.

It had been several times that I had accompanied my partner to events and I immediately got the bug, you know that impulse that makes you understand that you are in the right place. In the midst of events, on the night from Saturday to Sunday, I decided to make baby bibs and take the opportunity to make them for my godson who was barely 1 month old. So it was in November 2014 that my first sewn items made their appearance. I guarantee you it wasn't as nice as it is now, I had no sewing experience, I barely put on a button. But luckily, my sister-in-law, friend, neighbor wanted to add a title, Partner, and we created this company which has existed since and which continues to grow.

Biography Karyne

My name is Karyne, the Ka of JoKa and I am in my mid thirties. I have always loved children, the activities that include them and the way they act. Very early on, I decided to continue in this field with a DEC in Special Education. This led me to open my own daycare and to continue in this passion. In 2014, a little man joined our family and that's when I got the urge to create for him. Being on social media overnight while breastfeeding, I quickly had the urge to create a washable diaper. On March 4, 2015, I made my first diaper. I was far from suspecting that this was the start of the great JoKa adventure. She was just perfectly flawed.

A few years later, I'm still on the lookout for new things. Even though I work a bit behind the scenes, behind the scenes of JoKa being in charge of production, I'm still there. and I still have this same thirst to create. My previous experience in corporate training led me to grow a team behind the project. Joëlle and I no longer have babies at home but I believe that JoKa will forever be our little baby.