Laundry instruction

Washing instruction for our washable diapers/strong. Before first use - Always do a first wash before first use. - Recommend a hot water wash to close seam points in the layer to prevent leakage. - Tumble dry at low temperature. - If you have inserts, 5 to 6 washes are recommended before the first use since the tissues contain natural oil that may interfere with the absorption of the layer. Subsequently - It is recommended to wash the maximum layer 2/3 days after use in order to prevent the layer from remaining stained or smelly. - Wash with a longer cycle (high yield) with plenty of water (ideally warm). - Use soap without perfume or softener. Allow to dry in the open air or by tumbling at low temperature. - This prevents premature aging of elastics. Avoid handling hot layers. Tip: If your layer is stained inside, let it dry in the sun as it has a whitening effect.