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Tradis is a simple tool that encourages students learning a second language to discuss and discuss topics of everyday life. It is ideal for ages 12 and up, but can be adapted for younger people without a problem. The game uses unique maps based on everyday situations and events to spark interaction between people, allowing them to focus on practicing the language they are learning, without wondering what to talk about! Whether in a professional, school or conversation context everyday, Tradis covers all kinds of situations one often encounters while traveling or speaking in a second language. A colorful and simple tool Tradis can be used as an inspiration to write a text, as a structured activity in class or for discussion ter informally. For example, randomly choose three cards. Discuss with your colleague in front of you what the pictograms mean to you. The round is over when the two people have exchanged three times each. Multiple uses Tradis can be used in many ways and adapts to the level of difficulty you need to continue improving your skills in 'learning ... If you need a more structured workout, use the three point system on the back of the cards to choose one from each category. Learn more about