On se met en mode confo avec du évolutif

JoKa c'est plus que des couches

We make pocket diapers, inserts and training pants to make it easier for you to potty train your child. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write to us, there are no stupid questions.

Pour vous aider à passer à travers la pandémie


Discover our delicious section Gourmet which offers a nice selection of local products. Nothing is more comforting than a nice hot drink or some sweets to get you through the long winter evenings.

Jeux et jouets

We offer you a nice range of Games and toys for everyone. You will spend pleasant moments with your family. We took it from you, don't be too competitive, give your little monsters a chance to fight.


If like us you like reading, we offer you beautiful Books. Whether it is to introduce the youngest to reading or to allow you to escape for a few minutes, we have something for you.

Notre histoire

JoKa, c'est l'histoire de Joelle et de Karyne, deux voisines, deux belles sœurs, deux amies qui ne se destinait ni à la couture, ni à l'entreprenariat. Et pourtant...

Notre atelier-boutique

A little over 2 years ago now, we set up our headquarters in Sainte-Sophie, two minutes from the house. Probably the best decision we made. Ideal situation to reconcile our professional lives and the family. To find out more about our atelier-boutique

JoKa et cie

610A rue New Glasgow (at the corner of rue de l'Église) Ste-Sophie, Quebec J5J 2V7