Savons pour Frimousses

"That's not Marmalade" Solid Crockery Cake with citrus

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Two formats are currently available:

- 160ml ramekin

- 240ml Mason jar

Whether you are already a zero waste fan, or if you simply want to reduce your consumption of plastic packaging, this little gem is for you!

The dish cake easily replaces the traditional dishwashing liquid sold in a bottle without making ANY compromise on its effectiveness in removing grease and dirt.

It is excellent for cleaning dishes, taps, ceramic hobs and even ... glasses! ----> It thus replaces several chemicals ... and will quickly become your favorite product in the kitchen.

This soap bar has a longevity of several months (2 to 6 months), depending on the number of inhabitants in your household as well as your use; if for example you also use a dishwasher at the same time or if you only work with arm oil!

This dish cake is delicately scented with pink grapefruit!

Its composition has been specially formulated to combine the softness of artisanal soap with surfactants derived from coconut (SCI and SLSA) to obtain a final product that is simultaneously soft, detergent, durable and foaming as desired.


---> Pass a sponge moistened with hot water (loofah or something else you already have) on top of the dish cake and lightly rub on the top of the product to collect a small amount of soap. Then lather on all the items to be washed (a rich foaming cream will fill your sponge) then rinse!

---> For foaming water, fill your sink with very hot water, letting the water trickle directly onto the product for a few moments in order to obtain very soapy water!

---> To clean a bottle with a narrow neck, take a small crumb of the product, dissolve it in the bottle with very hot water, shake vigorously and then rinse.

*** Always remove excess water from the container containing the bar soap in order to allow the product to air dry between each use and thus increase its longevity! ***

Please read the ingredient list carefully. All ingredients are declared to Health Canada. "Savons pour Frimousses" cannot be held responsible in the event of a possible allergic reaction to one of the components of the product. If an allergic reaction occurs, please discontinue use and consult your healthcare practitioner for the list of ingredients for a medical opinion.

Ingredients: Surfactants derived from coconut (SCI and SLSA), saponified coconut oil, saponified castor oil, glycerin, pink clay, soda ash, vinegar, water, perfume.

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