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Coffee JUICE TOWN (Seasonal espresso) 340g

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Tasting Notes: CHOCOLATE, PEACH, MCINTOSH JUICE TOWN With a rich historical heritage dating back to 1842, Prévost’s territory was once occupied by a small Irish colony called Juice Town and founded by William Shaw and Martha Maria Matthews. Prévost was founded on April 27, 1909 under the name Shawbridge. Juice Town is our classic espresso that will blend wonderfully with all types of beverage. From black espresso to latte, Juice Town will show you its sweet notes, season after season. ORIGIN: COLOMBIA (Neira, Caldas) FARM: LADERAS DEL TAPIAS PRODUCERS: RODRIGO PELAEZ PROCESS: WASHED VARIETY: CATURRA AA ALTITUDE: 1900m (Coffee beans) Laderas Del Tapias Farm is located in the village of Neira, in the Caldas region. A region where coffee production dictates the local economy, but, as in too many regions, producers struggle to get the money they deserve for their production, season after season. We are working for the first time with Campano Coffee, chaired by Nicolas Meija who is of Colombian origin now based in Montreal. This gives access to the North American specialty coffee market to various producers, including Rodrigo Pelaez and his whole family (see photo below). We are happy to be able to offer a transparent package from A to Z when it comes to the fairness of this one. (write to us at info@kohi.ca for more details) SUGGESTED PARAMETERS Espresso (1: 2) 18.5g IN 37g OUT 30 seconds V60 (1:16) 20g IN 320g OUT 2m45s