Lucien Couture auteur

The author of "The Return of the Black Hawk" was born in the mid-twentieth century in a small settlement village, deep in the Gaspé forest. The second child and the first boy in a large family, he learned at a young age to rely on himself and to fend for himself in the forest.

From an early age, he was passionate about reading. This passion has enabled him to build a world apart, a dream world where he has often taken refuge.

It is by wanting to present a short tale to each of his grandsons, Julien and Tommy that he embarks on the great adventure of telling the story of "The return of the Black Hawk", starring Julien, ( Jiulian) and Tommy (Tomykh).

The author writes mostly at night, in his cottage near a lake surrounded by large maples, large hemlocks and giant cherry trees. He is as comfortable in the forest with his ax, as in town with his briefcase.

It is said that he often walks in his forest, on winter nights when the moon is full, observing the deer huddled under the clumps of young fir trees ...

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